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The Purchasing Services division oversees County purchasing and procurement practices for all County departments and agencies.  County Purchasing activities include developing contracts, requests for proposal/quotations, purchase order issuance, vendor registration, contract compliance and audit functions,

and other special projects.  The County issues over 80,000 purchases orders annually valued in excess of $800,000,000.



The division is located at the Purchasing and Fleet Facility:

2980 Washington St.,

Riverside, CA 92504

Main Phone: 951-955-4937



        TERESA SUMMERS                                  TINA GRANDE                                   MARK WHITESELL          

Director of Purchasing & Fleet Services                         Assistant Director                                      Procurement Services Manager

Phone: 951-955-4928                                                   Phone: 951-955-4928                                 Phone: 951-955-9675

E-mail:                                 E-mail:                         E-mail: