Monday, March 20, 2023



The Fiscal section of the Purchasing and Fleet Department provides services for the five divisions of this department: Purchasing, Central Mail, Printing Services, Supply Services and Fleet Services.  Services provided by the Fiscal section include:  accounts payable, accounts receivable, general accounting, statistical analysis, productivity reports, rate development, and budgeting.  In effort to streamline payment process to vendors, the County of Riverside has decentralized the accounts payable function out to all departments and agencies.  This division processes invoices only for goods and services utilized by the Purchasing and Fleet department.  Vendors should contract the using departments (where the goods or services were delivered) for other payment inquiries. 

The division is located at the Riverside County Innovation Center (RCIC):

3450 14th Street, Suite 420

Riverside, CA 92501

Main Phone: 951-955-4937


Marlana McSkimming, Administrative Support Services Manager

Phone: 951-955-1164



Misley Wang, Principal Accountant

Phone: 951-955-4912