Thursday, July 7, 2022



The Fleet Services Division provides a comprehensive fleet management program for all vehicles and light trucks in the central County fleet.  This includes vehicle selection and acquisition, maintenance, accident repair, fuel sales, car wash, and vehicle disposal.  The division leases vehicles for long- term use to County departments and agencies as well as maintains a central pool for short- term rental.  The division operates 13 locations strategically located throughout the County for gasoline and diesel fuel; with 7 of those locations have full time staff to provide maintenance to vehicles.  The division owns and maintains approximately 4,250 vehicles, including a growing percentage of fuel efficient hybrids or alternative fuel vehicles. 

The division’ main facility is located at: 5293 Mission Blvd, Rubidoux, CA 92509

Main Phone: 951-955-4650


Roger Weaver, Assistant Director Fleet Services

Phone: 951-955-4658