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Open Bids

If you cannot find a specific bid please contact County Purchasing for more assistance at 951 955-4937

Non-Public Works Bid Sites (vendors should check both bid sites):

Public Purchase Open Bids

Public Surplus Bids

Public Surplus Open Bids 

Public Works Bids

Public Works Open Bids


SB 854 (Stat. 2014, chapter 28) made several changes to the laws governing how the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) monitors compliance with prevailing wage requirements on public works projects.

This requirement, found in Labor Code Section 1773.3, now applies to all public works projects.

California law (SB854) now requires public works contractors subject to prevailing wage requirements to register annually with the Department of Industrial Relations and pay an annual fee. Effective March 1, 2015, the County of Riverside will accept public works bids from only those contractors and subcontractors who have complied with this requirement. Please refer to the website for more information.